«Right October» and the Second Nationalist Revolution by Igor Garkavenko

Olena Semenyaka
Ukrainian Traditionalist Club

Up to hundred people gathered yestertoday, on March 29, at two-hour lecture of Igor Garkavenko «Right October», while far in the literal and figurative sense politicians and theorists like Dugin, who finally started taking seriously Ukrainian nationalism and makes recommendations for Right Sector, speculate that we are willing to conform to the new regime. We were talking about the transition from national to nationalist revolution that we have to accomplish now, deepening and bringing to fruition a sharp division between the current Maidan and its political representatives in the parliament...

I'm not going to repeat what everyone should listen to as soon as the video appears, just will mention one of the most striking metaphors of Igor: for each of those present in the hall nationalists have already been cast bullets — or printed money. «Unite despite the fact that intraspecific competition is stronger than interspecies fight, not play by the rules of the liberals in a purely parliamentary field where we are destined to lose, because the liberal discourse as such has no room for the hierarchy of values and heroism, owing to which we won on Maidan,» explained Igor. We were ready to die, taking the wooden shields against the Kalashnikov rifles, unlike our opponents, the living dead who are afraid to turn death into the absolute and grab air in agony, believing that it will change their fate...

I will mention only three ideas that emphasized Igor: firstly, it was also the Facebook revolution, for the Internet is incarnate infinity with unlimited potential against the finite regimes and the most efficient coordinator that unites millions; secondly, our «Napoleons» should stop leading to power and conquering the lands for mediocrities, whose power does not affect even the meager rations of soldiers — it's time to conquer Paris and get the crown; thirdly, our revolution was not actually an explosion of Ukrainian authentic — it was that locus, in which sprouted pan-European revolution and restored nearly extinct type of the soldier — the man, whose main and most valued by a society (!) valor (virtus) lies in its military and historical existence, for the world history is, above all, the history of wars. Time to act — the more we wait, the greater becomes legitimacy of those people who arrogated to themselves our victory.


Семеняка О. «Правий Жовтень» і Друга націоналістична революція Ігоря Гаркавенка.

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